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All Topics | Topic "WEAP-Modflow/Catchment"
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Ms. Roghayeh amiri

Subject: WEAP-Modflow/Catchment   
Posted: 5/8/2024 Viewed: 1105 times
Hello friends.
How can I enter the Catchment and land use information into linkage file when linking WEAP and Modflow models? Aren't there any options like ‘Guess Groundwater/River Linkage for the catchment?
I read the tutorial but I don't understand. Thank you for guiding me
Aren't there any options like ‘Guess Groundwater/River Linkage for the catchment?

Mr. Chuck Young

Subject: Re: WEAP-Modflow/Catchment   
Posted: 5/28/2024 Viewed: 566 times
I recommend using GIS software to assign the catchment names to each Modflow cell in the "MODFLOW Linkage.shp" file. QGIS is a good program to use for this task.
Dr. Marina Mautner

Subject: Re: WEAP-Modflow/Catchment   
Posted: 5/28/2024 Viewed: 557 times
The best way to do that in QGIS is to "Select by location" using the catchment shp files. Once selected in the shp file, you can assign the catchment label to the selected cells using the "Field calculator". A reminder that WEAP does not allow the shp file to be edited while WEAP is open. So the user must close WEAP before editing in the GIS software.
Topic "WEAP-Modflow/Catchment"