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All Topics | Topic "Schematic in weap"
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Author Message
Ms. Humaira Abid

Subject: Schematic in weap   
Posted: 3/23/2024 Viewed: 908 times
How to draw schematic diagram in weap?
Mr. Doug Chalmers

Subject: Re: Schematic in weap   
Posted: 3/25/2024 Viewed: 841 times

To begin drawing the schematic in WEAP, first create a new file by going to Area --> Create Area. Then, you will be prompted to set your area boundaries on the map to the region where you wish to build your model. From there, simply click and hold the mouse button down on any of the WEAP model objects in the top left corner of the schematic screen (River, Diversion, Reservoir, etc.).

In general, you should build your rivers first. You can do this by one of 2 different ways. One way is to load a shapefile or use the WEAP background layers (right click on the schematic map --> Background Image Layer) and then trace the rivers in these shapefiles using the WEAP river object in the top left box. The other method is Schematic --> Catchment Delineation Mode where WEAP will automatically draw the rivers based on elevation DEM information contained in WEAP.

For more info please visit our Tutorial chapter on WEAP in One Hour and go to Help --> "Catchment Delineation Mode".

Hope this helps,
Ms. Humaira Abid

Subject: Re: Schematic in weap   
Posted: 5/8/2024 Viewed: 333 times
What data or shapefile do I need to upload in WEAP for catchment delineation mode? The DEM (Digital Elevation Model) shapefile of my area?
Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: Schematic in weap   
Posted: 5/9/2024 Viewed: 326 times
Provided you have installed the latest version of WEAP, no additional files need to be uploaded in WEAP to use catchment delineation mode. The software will access the necessary DEMs on its own. See the video on the WEAP Youtube channel: Automatic Catchment and River Delineation

Topic "Schematic in weap"