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All Topics | Topic "Catchment scale modeling or District scale modeling for water allocations?"
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Author Message
Dr. Naveed Ahmed

Subject: Catchment scale modeling or District scale modeling for water allocations?   
Posted: 2/24/2024 Viewed: 1139 times
Dear Experts,
I hope you all are doing your best with sound health.

I am using the auto-delineation mode of WEAP first time and I have divided my river basin into 31 sub-basins and at the pour point of each sub-basin there is gauge installed. These 31 sub-basins are geographically covered by 05 provinces. There is all type of water demands (Agriculture, Urban, Grounwater extractions, WWTPs (retreated water to use for Industries as well as Urban communities), Flow requirement for Environmental activities (i.e., environmental flows), number of reservoirs and run-of river hydro-power.
I would like to ask:
1. Can I calibrated the model at the each pour point (outlet point of each sub-basin)?
2. How I can find the Unmet Demands / water deficit at each Provincial Scale for this auto-delineated model?
3. Or I in order to meet with 2nd question, I have to build the model on provincial scale and sum-up all the demands and supplies at provincial scale?

Lastly, in this research we want to use the IWRM approach (Agiruculture, hydropower production, urban supplies, WWTPs supplies) to ass the future water demands, supplies, and sustainable solutions using the WEAP system.


Mr. Doug Chalmers

Subject: Re: Catchment scale modeling or District scale modeling for water allocations?   
Posted: 2/28/2024 Viewed: 993 times
Dr. Naveed Ahmed,

1. You can create catchments that line up with each of your 31 sub-basins using the automatic catchment delineation tool. To modify the boundaries of each catchment, enter catchment delineation mode, hover the mouse over the outlet point of each catchment (your mouse will transform from a pointer to a cross shape when you are in the right area), then drag the outlet point to change your catchment boundaries. Your ability to precisely calibrate each catchment will depend on the availability of flow data within each catchment. You will want to modify your catchment boundaries so that they end immediately at the location of any flow gauges.

2-3. I can think of two ways to look at unmet demands (or any other demand results) at the provincial scale. If you have a shapefile of each province (perhaps the WEAP catchment boundaries could also serve a similar purpose), you can right click on that shapefile within the schematic and click "Edit". Then, you can select "Linkage" in the upper left to Link Layer to Schematic Objects and Demand Branches and then explore the results according to the polygon containing each demand node. See Help --> "Maps" for more info.

The other method is to assign a Tag to each demand object with the name of its province, and then view the demand results organized by tag. See Help --> "Tagging Objects on the Schematic" for more info.

The interactions between the various IWRM components is a perfect application for WEAP. You can model agriculture using demand nodes or catchment objects, hydropower using reservoir or run-of-river hydro objects, WWTP objects, as well as an array of urban supply and demand configurations including water recycling, water treatment, and demand management. Please see the WEAP Tutorial chapters for Refining the Demand Analysis, Refining the Supply, Reservoirs and Power Production, Water Quality, and Hydrology for more info on these topics.

Hope this helps!
Dr. Naveed Ahmed

Subject: Re: Catchment scale modeling or District scale modeling for water allocations?   
Posted: 3/11/2024 Viewed: 819 times
Dear Doug,

Sorry for a delay in response.

Thank you so much for your detailed guidance. I will try to follow your instructions and will let you know, if further clarifications needed.

Thanks once again'

Topic "Catchment scale modeling or District scale modeling for water allocations?"