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Eng. Mahsa Ghasemzade Somarin

Subject: Infiltration   
Posted: 2/7/2024 Viewed: 1652 times
I want to model an area where, in its agricultural demand, a certain amount of water is consumed according to the irrigation efficiency.
From all of losses some evaporation occurs, some amount returns as surface return flow to the river, and remain infiltrates into the groundwater. From this infiltration portion, a certain amount of infiltrated water from the aquifer is added back to the river as return flow from groundwater over time. What modeling approach should I use for this matter? and how to model this processes?

Dr. Naveed Ahmed

Subject: Re: Infiltration   
Posted: 2/15/2024 Viewed: 1372 times
Dear Eng. Mahsa,
This is very general and basic information which you have shared and this is prerequisite for any water balance model.
May I ask for the schematic/a rough sketch and your objective, so that I can share my understandings of WEAP to support you.


Mr. Doug Chalmers

Subject: Re: Infiltration   
Posted: 2/15/2024 Viewed: 1363 times

To model rainfall-runoff, where precipitation may go towards ET from crops, surface runoff into the river, or infiltration into an aquifer, you could use the soil moisture method to model your catchments. To learn more, please visit the Hydrology chapter in the WEAP Tutorial and/or the accompanying YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vebqcUvPp3c&list=PLoJ3pxCzMP1uQRaimYV-wxJRRuIMNzdVU&index=14.

To model surface-groundwater connections, you can connect your river object to your aquifer. To learn more, please visit the Hydrology chapter in the WEAP tutorial.

Good luck!
Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: Infiltration   
Posted: 2/16/2024 Viewed: 1352 times
Hi Mahsa,
This help topic https://www.weap21.org/WebHelp/Overview_of_Catchment_Calculation_Methods.htm gives an overview of the various methods. To model base flow from groundwater to rivers, you could either use the Soil Moisture method’s second bucket, or use the groundwater “wedge” model. For more information, look at the help topic on Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions: https://www.weap21.org/WebHelp/Using_the_Purkey_Wedge_Method.htm

Topic "Infiltration"