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All Topics | Topic "Net Evaporation Data of Reservoir"
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Ms. Thandar -

Subject: Net Evaporation Data of Reservoir   
Posted: 12/10/2023 Viewed: 1796 times
I am new to WEAP and now working on my final year thesis using this software to develop a WEAP model on optinal Reservoir Water Allocation System.

To get the net evaporation data, I have monthly rainfall data (in) and I also have monthly evaporation & other losses data (acre - ft). The problem is to deduct these two, I need to convert existing evaporation unit to (in) by dividing acres. But I don't know where I can get the area. Could someone please explain to me. Thanks!
Mr. Doug Chalmers

Subject: Re: Net Evaporation Data of Reservoir   
Posted: 2/15/2024 Viewed: 844 times

Apologies for the late response.

Yes, that's right- evaporation is currently only explicitly modeled in units of depth, which must be then tied to the surface area of the water storage during each timestep, extrapolated from the Volume Elevation Curve parameter of your reservoir object.

The easiest thing to do would be to include your evaporation loss under Loss to Groundwater parameter for your reservoir. However, keep in mind that unlike losses to evaporation, a loss to groundwater would not result in losing water from the entire system, but transfer it from the reservoir to the specified groundwater node.

Good luck!
Topic "Net Evaporation Data of Reservoir"