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Mr. bruce kirk

Subject: Demand satisfaction index   
Posted: 12/9/2023 Viewed: 1618 times
Can someone tell me if I can use WEAP to carry out demand analysis on a body of water? I frequently work with clients who are developing productive landscapes or managing livestock both of which have necessities for water in the form of drinking water or irrigation. I want to be able to calculate how monthly, and annual demand affects a certain body of water like a dam, a reservoir, or another type of water storage system. Basically, I need to see if any given body of water is capable of supplying a demand once you plug in all of the variables like rainfall, surface runoff, storage capacity, evaporation, consumption etc.

Mr. Doug Chalmers

Subject: Re: Demand satisfaction index   
Posted: 2/15/2024 Viewed: 791 times

Apologies for the late response-

Yes, WEAP offers powerful capability to explore water balance issues like you are mentioning. You can see the effect of precipitation and demands on reservoir storage. You can also program in evaporation and groundwater losses on your reservoir. The water demands in the WEAP model can be assigned different priorities- for example, drinking water would likely be assigned the highest priorities.

You can then explore the extent to which the supply was able to fulfill the different demands. WEAP includes the following result parameters (among others):
Unmet demand = Volume of demanded water not able to be supplied each month.
Coverage = Percentage of water demand fulfilled each month.
Reliability = Percentage of timesteps where the demand was completely fulfilled.

SEI is open to contracting with new partners to perform or provide guidance with model development or support. If you are interested in discussing this, please let us know.

Topic "Demand satisfaction index"