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All Topics | Topic "How to prepare netCDF file for climate data input"
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Author Message
Mr. Amar Dahal

Subject: How to prepare netCDF file for climate data input   
Posted: 7/29/2023 Viewed: 1874 times
Dear all,
I have been working on WEAP in the Kaligandaki river basin of Nepal. I used Princeton data set for climate data. Instead i want to use our own data available from department of hydrology and meteorology, Nepal.
The WEAP needs netCDF file for climate data input. In this regards, i would be grateful if someone help me to prepare the netCDF file and data input format.
Thanking you in advance for your response.
Amar Dahal
Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: How to prepare netCDF file for climate data input   
Posted: 9/6/2023 Viewed: 1331 times
Below i am pasting some guidance on this taken from the WEAP Help. Please respond to this post if you this doesn't help or if you have more specific questions.

When using your own NetCDF files for land cover or climate: the name for the longitude dimension must be"'lon", "longitude" or "X"; the latitude dimension must be named "lat", "latitude" or "Y." Climate variables must have a time dimension, which must be named "time". The timestep must be either daily or monthly. For climate variables, the order of dimensions must be time, latitude, longitude; for land cover variables it must be latitude, longitude. WEAP is compatible with NetCDF version 4 (and earlier) files, including the use of compression and packing. For more information about the NetCDF file format, see https://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/netcdf

Tip: if you are using your own NetCDF files for land cover or climate, you may not want to copy the file to WEAP model's subdirectory. WEAP will automatically zip up all files in the model subdirectory when it makes a version (every time you save the model), and if your NetCDF files are very large, this will take a long time to zip up and increase the size of the versions. However, if the files are not very large, it is generally a good idea to include them in the model's subdirectory so that if you give the model to someone else, it will contain all necessary files.
Topic "How to prepare netCDF file for climate data input"