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All Topics | Topic "Error solver WEAP"
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Mr. Eugenio Sebastián Fuentes Constanzo

Subject: Error solver WEAP   
Posted: 7/17/2022 Viewed: 2989 times

when executing the WEAP program, I get the following error (I started getting the error from today):

“Problem with XA solver license. Make sure the files xav16.dll and XALicense.lic are in the WEAP Program folder.

Error in XA linear program (LP) solver. If you cannot resolve this problem with XA, you will need to select another solver. Go to General, Solver to change.

XAINIT (libname = libname= ruta del archive) failed (function resul = 1, rc 996)”.

Turns out I have the files in the working path (xav16.dll and XALicense.lic ), but it does not run the program, if I change solver it should give me the same results (reservoir volume simulation, irrigation deliveries, hydroelectricity generation and flows sumulation), or better install the weap model again.

Can anybody please help me.

Mr. Jack Sieber

Subject: Re: Error solver WEAP   
Posted: 7/18/2022 Viewed: 2978 times
The license for the XA solver expired a few days ago. To get the new license, please install the new version of WEAP that I released last week.

In WEAP, go to the menu: Help, Check for New Version. This should find the new version and offer to download and install it. If not, you can download the latest version from https://www.weap21.org/Download

Best regards,
Topic "Error solver WEAP"