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All Topics | Topic "how to determine top of buffer"
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Author Message
Dr. Lijuan Wang

Subject: how to determine top of buffer   
Posted: 6/28/2022 Viewed: 2539 times
I am new to WEAP. And I konw that top of conservation is equal to the total storage of reservoir, top of inactive is the reservoir volumn of dead water level. But, how could we determine the voulmn of top of buffer?

Thank you very much.

Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: how to determine top of buffer   
Posted: 6/30/2022 Viewed: 2494 times
Hello Lijuan,
The top of conservation may be the practical limit of the reservoir storage, but it is rarely the total reservoir storage. Generally, the top of conservation leaves some space unfilled so that--in case of heavy rainfall/flood conditions--there is still space for the water to go without over-topping the dam.
In contrast to total storage and top of inactive, the top of conservation and the top of buffer levels are not determined solely by the dimensions or physical configuration of the dam. Rather they are determined by the operation rules of the reservoir. They may even vary through the year (for example, top of buffer may be higher in the dry months when less rainfall is expected and demand downstream is greater). In some cases, there might not be a buffer zone at all, depending on the purpose of the dam/reservoir. If you are unable to get information about these levels from the dam operator or the dam permit, you might be able to guess at them based on historical data of reservoir levels and outflows.

Dr. Lijuan Wang

Subject: Re: how to determine top of buffer   
Posted: 7/10/2022 Viewed: 2461 times
Hello Anne,
Thank you very much for your clear explanation. It helps me a lot. So the top of buffer is a very uncertain vatiable.


Mr. Jingheng Huang

Subject: Re: how to determine top of buffer   
Posted: 7/30/2022 Viewed: 2363 times
Hi, Lijuan,

I'm also working on the WEAP model -- Using the runoff simulated from a hydrological model as input for the WEAP. Would you like to discuss this subject? I think it's beneficial to both of us. My email is jh.huang.cc@gmail.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Topic "how to determine top of buffer"