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All Topics | Topic "Soil moisture method and baseflow"
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Author Message
Dr. Marta Domenech

Subject: Soil moisture method and baseflow   
Posted: 11/5/2021 Viewed: 3182 times
Dear colleagues,

We are working with soil moisture method in order to simulate the streamflow in a Pyrenees Valley (470 km2).

I have been calibrating our model for 2 months and I see that the predicted streamflow in the future, in any scenario, increases (for ex. comparing the current scenario in 2020 and the current scenario in 2050). This is because the baseflow increases over the years. The only way to reduce the baseflow and prevent the streamflow from increasing is not to let water circulate to bucket 2. If we do not let water circulate to bucked 2, the simulated flow is obviously much higher than that observed, and we cannot accept it.
I have tried calibrating with all possible values ​​of Z1, Z2, RZC, etc.

I will like to know what is the cause or possible solution. Maybe WEAP is not adapted for Pyrenees soils conditions.

I will apreciate any help.

Thank you very much,

Mr. David Yates

Subject: Re: Soil moisture method and baseflow   
Posted: 11/10/2021 Viewed: 3166 times
Hi Marta, I am just seeing your question. I am wondering what you have set for your soil moisture holding capacity of the upper layer? If you would like to share your model, I could provide some assistance in calibration. David Yates
Topic "Soil moisture method and baseflow"