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All Topics | Topic "Change of the Irrigation method"
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Author Message
Mr. Anura Ranwala

Subject: Change of the Irrigation method   
Posted: 6/2/2021 Viewed: 4065 times
There are two simplified irrigation methods.
1. Irrigation demand only -Simplified coefficient method
2. Rainfall-runoff -Simplified coefficient method

For these two methods, there is no difference in the data entry tabs except for the "Advance" tab which specifies the method. The difference occurrs in the results ( in the way I have understood), where, in the method (2) runoff is calculated and in (1) runoff is not calculated. I am a new user and my setup is a simple one where a river, a catchment, and a runoff/infiltration link exist. My version is WEAP Version: 2019.2145 (Beta), April 22, 2021.

My problem

When I change the method from (1) to (2) or vice versa and when I go to the result tab a recalculation does not occur and the results do not change. Why so?

To get the recalculation dialog box active, and see different results after calculation, I have to change a data value e.g to a different value. If I delete a data value and retype the same value the recalculation does not occur.

D A J Ranwala
Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: Change of the Irrigation method   
Posted: 7/8/2021 Viewed: 4026 times
Thanks for your question. To force WEAP to recalcualte, hold down the control key when you click the Results View button.
Topic "Change of the Irrigation method"