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All Topics | Topic "Getting Automatic Headflow Data From Catchment Method?"
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Author Message
Ms. Natascha Zinn

Subject: Getting Automatic Headflow Data From Catchment Method?   
Posted: 4/7/2021 Viewed: 4691 times

My problem is, that I do not have the headflow data for my rivers.

So, I downloaded the monthly Princeton data for the Rainfall Runoff (soil moisture method), changed the Time Steps per Year to 12.
I did change the "Default Runoff Inflow Location" to "Headflow" and in the Data View under "Supply and Resources"-"River" under "Inflows and Outflows" it says that "Get the values from" is "Inflow from Catchment". But there is no Headflow shown in the Chart/Table.

What I do get is data for the River Basin Runoff.

What could be the problem here?
Thank you already in advance!
Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: Getting Automatic Headflow Data From Catchment Method?   
Posted: 4/21/2021 Viewed: 4610 times
Hi Natascha,
I may be telling you some things you already know, but in the interest of clarity...
Moving the Runoff Inflow Location changes the representation of the inflow on your schematic, but does not change the flow volume at all. So, whether your Runoff/Infiltration arrow intersects the river near the headwaters or near the pourpoint, all of the runoff from the full catchment (down to the pourpoint) is contained in this link.
As far as the model is concerned, the flow of the river only changes when there is an input or a withdrawl.
So if there are no additional nodes in your model, the headflow is the same as the River Basin Runoff.
If you want to derive an estimate of the flow of your river near the headwaters using WEAP, i suggest you move your pourpoint upstream until your catchment includes fewer cells.

Topic "Getting Automatic Headflow Data From Catchment Method?"