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All Topics | Topic "The Practical Use of the Current Account Year and the"
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Mr. Anura Ranwala

Subject: The Practical Use of the Current Account Year and the   
Posted: 4/4/2021 Viewed: 1675 times
Hi ,

I have just started learning WEAP . What is the real practical use of the Current Account Year and various information we input for the Key Assumptions , nodes and other links in the Tree of the Data Menu for that Current Account Year.

The manual sometimes says Current Accounts? What are they?. Ok it is understood that there could be a single year as the Current Account Year. But we see there for example Current Accounts (1988). Are they the various sets of data we enter?.

Is a Current Account a scenario type?
Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: The Practical Use of the Current Account Year and the   
Posted: 4/7/2021 Viewed: 1664 times

The Current Accounts Year is the baseline year for your model. I think of it as the last year before the scenarios can start to diverge from one another.
When the manual says "current accounts" it's referring to the data for the Current Accounts year.
There are various uses for Key Assumptions--from defining units to turning flow requirements on and off. Look in the forum for "key assumptions" for more on this.
By default, WEAP will use all the data entered in Current Accounts for the Reference scenario.

Topic "The Practical Use of the Current Account Year and the"