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All Topics | Topic "PEST results"
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Author Message
Mr. Derrick Mangoro

Subject: PEST results   
Posted: 1/31/2021 Viewed: 5535 times
Hie team. Can anyone help me. I have run PEST before on a fairly complicated hydrological model I was developing and it took a couple of hours to get results.
Now many later attempts to run PEST on a similarly complex catchment only takes a few minutes to run and yields the "initial values" I had set.
What could be the reason? I have quadruple checked my data and calibration set and even tried different parameter combinations. And have gone through the previous forum posts. Thank you.
Mr. Dinh Ty Nguyen

Subject: Re: PEST results   
Posted: 4/23/2022 Viewed: 3623 times
Hello Mr. Derrick,
I met the same problem when the optimised parameters are the same with those initial input values.
could you share with me if you solved it?
Mr. Dinh Ty Nguyen

Subject: Re: PEST results   
Posted: 5/2/2022 Viewed: 3593 times
I found that when I tick the check box "Modify parameters in Current Accouints also" on the PEST calibration pop-up, the optimised parameters would be different from initial values, hope this would make help to someone.
Ms. Annalene-Charlotte Wedding

Subject: Re: PEST results   
Posted: 10/16/2022 Viewed: 2912 times
I have the same problem but already had the check box ticked. Anyone have a different solution?
Topic "PEST results"