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All Topics | Topic "Inflows from Reuse"
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Author Message
Ms. Annah Ndeketeya

Subject: Inflows from Reuse   
Posted: 11/10/2020 Viewed: 5856 times
Hello. I computed three scenarios 1}reference scenario, 2} rainwater harvesting, 3) rainwater harvesting and reuse. For the reuse, I activated reuse for the demand sites.
When it comes to analyzing the results, I can't see any inflows representing the reuse (demand sites inflows and outflows), nor can I see any other separate results which clearly reflects the effects of reuse and DMS. Can anyone assist?
Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: Inflows from Reuse   
Posted: 11/11/2020 Viewed: 5846 times
Dear Annah,

You can see the reuse visualized in the results view under Input Data/Demand Sites/Loss and Reuse.

You should also see a reduction in the flow from the river or other sources that supply the demand sites for the water reuse scenario. See the results under Supply and Resources/Transmissoin Link/Flow.

And, it might be a small change and therefore difficult to notice on the graphs, but streamflow will also be affected in the segment downstream of the transmission link from the river to the demand site with reuse. You should be able to see this quantified in the Table view of the results.

Ms. Annah Ndeketeya

Subject: Re: Inflows from Reuse   
Posted: 11/12/2020 Viewed: 5834 times
Dear Anne,

Thank you. I have managed to see the reduction in return flows etc. I was visualizing the demand sites inflows and outflows graph, and thought it reuse will show as a separate inflow. But it's ok, I can work with what I have.
Topic "Inflows from Reuse"