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All Topics | Topic "Determination of Catchment Size"
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Author Message
Mr. Ibrahim Erkol

Subject: Determination of Catchment Size   
Posted: 4/20/2020 Viewed: 5879 times
Hello everyone
I'd like to use separate cathcments for each reservoir inserted in my model.
However, I cannot decide which size my catchment has to be.
On the other hand, I have one big catchment node representing the whole basin that I study at the moment.
As to connect this big catchment to each reservoirs of mine, I see runoff fraction problem in that I don't know how to decide runoff fraction rate for each reservoir.
Thanks in advance for your help and support
Best regards
Dr. Hossein Babazadeh

Subject: Re: Determination of Catchment Size   
Posted: 4/23/2020 Viewed: 5860 times
Dear Ebrahim,
I hope you are doing great.
If I have figured out your question, you are going to delineate a catchment for each reservoir separately in a basin. In these situations, you could push ALT and click on the reservoir location while the Catchment Delineation is ON. You see a subbasin will appear in the reservoir located river. Also, you can adjust the catchment by moving the catchment outlet in your point of interest.
Now, it is possible to have rainfall-runoff for each subbasin.
I hope this description would be useful.

Topic "Determination of Catchment Size"