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All Topics | Topic "Irrigation shortfall"
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Author Message
Ms. Beyza Özel

Subject: Irrigation shortfall   
Posted: 2/19/2020 Viewed: 5766 times
Dear all,

In my research, the catchment simulation method is soil moisture. I have calibrated lower and upper threshold parameters with respect to the irrigation water amount.

I have managed scenarios for the efficient use of water in agriculture. In the scenarios, lower and upper threshold parameters (for the crops of interest) are modified so that irrigation efficiencies would be increased.

However, saved water is used to satisfy the demands of other crops (other than the crops of interest) in the catchment. Therefore I do not see that much of water savings in terms of irrigation water used in the whole catchment. This is because there is always an irrigation shortfall (the difference between supply delivered and catchment irrigation demand).

How can I prevent this from happening? Is there any way that stops the model allocating saved water to crops that have unmet demand. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: Irrigation shortfall   
Posted: 3/21/2020 Viewed: 5731 times
Dear Beyza,
You should be able to fix this problem by changing the Demand Priority of the other crops and by adding a Flow Requirement to your model and giving the new flow requirement a Demand Priority in between the priority given to the "crop of interest" and the "other crops".
There is a chapter in the Tutorial (Refining Demand) that will help get you started with assigning Demand Priority.
Hope this helps.

Topic "Irrigation shortfall"