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All Topics | Topic "Catchment Delineation Mode on older models"
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Author Message
Mr. Sebastian Carvajal

Subject: Catchment Delineation Mode on older models   
Posted: 1/31/2020 Viewed: 6022 times
Hello, I need help with an extention of a model I'm doing. The thing is, I have to model a certain zone (let's call it "C"), that is compossed of zones "A" and "B". I have a complete model of zone "A", but it was made with a version of WEAP when the automatic delineation mode didn't exist and it was made using the datum PSAD56.

Now, I was trying to take advantage of the model "A" and use it as a base so I would only need to model the "B" zone. The problem I had when I tried to extend the model, i.e., defining new catchments in the "B" area, the catchment delineation mode doesn't work because the original model wasn't in WGS84. To remediate that I deleted all the layers and added a WGS84 one but the problem persisted. After that I went to the model files and reprojected the WEAPArc and WEAPNode ones. I opened the model but it still gave me the same projection error when trying to use automatic delineation.

Is there a way to solve that? Should I just limit myself to create the catchments of the "B" zone manually? Or is it advisable to make a model from 0?

Thanks in advance.
Topic "Catchment Delineation Mode on older models"