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All Topics | Topic "New Version of WEAP (2019.2)"
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Mr. Jack Sieber

Subject: New Version of WEAP (2019.2)   
Posted: 8/1/2019 Viewed: 7836 times
A new version of WEAP is now available, with several new features and bug fixes. It is recommended for all users to get the update. As always, this new version is backwards compatible with data sets developed in earlier versions of WEAP.

If you have a problem with the automatic update, you can download the full installation from http://www.weap21.org/Download There is no need to uninstall your existing version first.

What's New:

Overall, WEAP is now much faster to calculate and display results, and results files are much smaller.


- Much faster to calculate large models: The XA solver is now included with WEAP, and free for everyone to use until 15 July 2020. For larger models, this solver is up to 10 times faster and more robust than the other solver included with WEAP (lpsolve). To choose this solver, go to the Menu: General, Solver, XA. Keep in mind that, due to the nature of the complex numerical calculations performed by MILP solvers, each solver will yield slightly different results. This means that WEAP results can vary slightly depending on the solver used. For more information about XA, see http://www.sunsetsoft.com
- Much smaller results files (as much as 40% smaller)


- Much faster to display charts and tables in the Results View, especially for very large models, up to 10 times faster.
- Scenario comparison in results ("Relative to"): Can choose Difference (A-B), Index (A/B) or Percent (A-B)/B.
- Result names changed: For Soil Moisture and Simplified Coefficient Methods: "Total Annual Yield[kg]" to "Annual Crop Production[kg]" and "Total Market Value" to "Annual Market Value"; for MABIA: "Crop Yield[kg]" to "Annual Crop Production[kg]" and "Market Value" to "Annual Market Value"; for PGM: "Annual Production[kg]" to "Annual Crop Production[kg]"


- Catchment Delineation climate: Can now handle climate NetCDF files of any size; faster reading large files.
- Much faster processing climate data from very large (larger than 1 GB) NetCDF files, up to 100 times faster.
- Handle Daymet climate files that do not include December 31 in leap years. The ReadFromFile expressions will fill this gap by interpolating the December 30 and January 1 values.


- WEAP.ZoomLevel: Set or get the zoom level of the map in the Schematic View. ZoomLevel = 1 corresponds to the full area extent; ZoomLevel = 2 is zoomed in by a factor of two, such that the width and height shown are half of the full area extent.
- WEAP.CreateNode: Specify which river (or not) on which to place the new node. If the optional RiverName parameter is given, then the new node will be placed on that river. Use RiverName = "N/A" to force the node to not be placed on a river, e.g., to make the new reservoir a "Local" reservoir, e.g., Set WestReservoir = WEAP.CreateNode("Reservoir", -71.88, 42, "West Reservoir", "West;Reservoir", false, 99, "N/A")
- WEAP.ScreenUpdating: WEAP.ScreenUpdating = True/False: Turn on or off updates to the screen in the Schematic or Data View. Useful when using CreateNode and CreateLink to build a large WEAP model, or changing many data expressions at once -- it will be much faster if you set - ScreenUpdating = FALSE before calling CreateNode and CreateLink. ScreenUpdating will automatically be set to TRUE when opening an area.
- Faster: Deleting multiple objects on the Schematic, creating many objects and links via the API (WEAP.CreateNode, WEAP.CreateLink)

Jack Sieber
WEAP Developer
Stockholm Environment Institute
Topic "New Version of WEAP (2019.2)"