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All Topics | Topic "WEAP-LEAP Link Hydropower Generation"
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Author Message
Ms. Zeynep Özcan

Subject: WEAP-LEAP Link Hydropower Generation   
Posted: 5/27/2019 Viewed: 7306 times

I have linked LEAP to WEAP so that it reads the hydropower results calculated by WEAP. After I run the two models and check the hydropower results, I see that the results given by the two models are different (The average power dispatched (MW) values given by LEAP for hydropower, and the hydropower generation calculated by WEAP (MW) are different). I could not understand what the reason is. I am using the WEAPValue function so that LEAP reads the WEAP results. Shouldn't hydropower be modelled in WEAP and fed into LEAP? Do I get it wrong?

Thanks in advance,

Mr. Adil Mounir

Subject: Re: WEAP-LEAP Link Hydropower Generation   
Posted: 5/28/2019 Viewed: 7292 times
Hi Zeynep,

Apart from the current accounts, LEAP will always simulate the electricity generation in each process. I believe that you cannot force LEAP to dispatch a specific amount of energy (or power in your case).

What you can do is fix the upper boundary of how much energy can be generated. If that is your purpose, use the WEAPValue link in the Maximum Availability of your process. By doing so, you are making sure that LEAP does not dispatch more than the available power.

If what I am saying is wrong and WEAP and LEAP should simulate the same power dispatch, make sure you refresh LEAP after adding the WEAPValue link. To do so, just change the value of a random variable in LEAP, then click results, then go back and change that variable back to the original value, then click results again. Sometimes LEAP (or WEAP) need to refresh for the links to work properly.

I hope this helps,
Ms. Zeynep Özcan

Subject: Re: WEAP-LEAP Link Hydropower Generation   
Posted: 5/30/2019 Viewed: 7286 times
Hi Adil,

Many thanks for your response and your suggestions.

I have already fixed the upper boundary by using the WEAPValue function in the Maximum Availability tab. The thing that makes me confused is the fact that I have read several papers which state that the hydropower is modelled in WEAP. LEAP responds to the total electricity demand by dispatching its power mix including the WEAP's estimate of available hydropower. So, I think that WEAP and LEAP should simulate the same power dispatch. WEAP-LEAP link tutorial also states that the hydropower generated (MW) by WEAP and the average power dispatched by LEAP should match. So I still cannot figure it out. By the way, I have already tried to refresh the results. The results are still the same. Thanks anyway,

Mr. Adil Mounir

Subject: Re: WEAP-LEAP Link Hydropower Generation   
Posted: 5/30/2019 Viewed: 7280 times
You're right, the tutorial does state the hydropower generated by WEAP and LEAP must match. I wonder if that is a particular case where hydropower is of a 1st merit order, therefore will be used to its full availability.
Topic "WEAP-LEAP Link Hydropower Generation"