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All Topics | Topic "Maximum inflow, Hydrology-read from file"
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Author Message
Miss Evelina Andersson

Subject: Maximum inflow, Hydrology-read from file   
Posted: 5/1/2019 Viewed: 6696 times
Hi everyone! My name is Evelina, I am studying Civil Engineering at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, and I am doing my bachelor thesis with help from WEAP. My aim is to estimate how the water supply will cover the demand in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (2017-2030) but I have some problems in my model (I have never worked with this before) so excuse me if my questions are very basic.

-I have water permits at some intakes from one of my rivers, meaning maximum inflow, and I can not find how to get this in my model. I only find how to determine maximum hydraulic outflow but I can not find how to put this in my model.

-I have historical data on one gauge station (1980-2010) just before my intakes that I have put in as a csv-file at that location. I have put it in both current year(2017) and Reference (2017-2030) is this wrong way to do?

-I also want to use this historical data on the river for Hydrology-Read From File, but I am not sure how to put this in my model.

Thank you very much in advance,
Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: Maximum inflow, Hydrology-read from file   
Posted: 5/29/2019 Viewed: 6617 times
Hi Evelina,

1) Are you asking about restricting the flow volume from the river to the Demand Site (aka Water Permit)? This you can set (as Maximum Flow Volume) in the parameters for the Transmission Link. Transmission Link objects are in the Data Tree (Data view) under Supply and Resources.

2) There are a couple ways to use historical data. You could have your current accounts year be 1980 and include in current accounts the 1980-2010 data (input as data for a Streamflow Gauge) so that it appears as observed data in all your scenarios and you could then easily compare the observed data with the flows simulated by the model. ´The way you've done it isn't wrong, it's just important to understand that by inputting historical data to represent future flows, you're making an assumption that conditions are the same in 2017-2030 as they were in 1980-2010.

3)This one, i'm not sure about. Can you explain why you want to have the data in both places?

You may have solved your problem by now, but hopefully this response will help other users.

Topic "Maximum inflow, Hydrology-read from file"