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All Topics | Topic "'Urban' area in catchment delineation mode"
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Ms. Prajna Kasargodu Anebagilu

Subject: 'Urban' area in catchment delineation mode   
Posted: 12/20/2018 Viewed: 8019 times
Hello All,

In catchment delineation mode, with respect to Land cover classification, does ‘Urban’ area represent only the area of settlement, cemented pathways, pavements and roads or does it also take into consideration some urban landscape area like parks, small man-made ponds or green pockets in general?

Thanks in advance for any information!
Kind regards,
Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: 'Urban' area in catchment delineation mode   
Posted: 12/20/2018 Viewed: 8011 times
Dear Prajna,
The built-in database used by Catchment Delineation Mode is the European Space Agency's Climate Change Initiative Land Cover database (ESA-CCI-LC). Looking at this database, the resolution seems to be 300m. That is, the pixels are 300 m by 300 m. So, the vast majority of lawns and small green pockets will not be represented. Large parks (based on one sample area i looked at) get classified as a mixture of grassland, mosaic vegetation, and various tree categories. You can view teh ESA-CCI data here:http://maps.elie.ucl.ac.be/CCI/viewer/index.php

According to the WEAP help about Catchment Delineation Mode, you can also use your own land use database if you have one as long as it has the same resolution as the DEM you're using to draw the catchments.

Keep in mind that simply calculating the areas of different land classes won't affect your model. If you're using the Soil Moisture Method, you'll need to input crop coefficients (Kc), and other parameters separately for the different land classes.
Topic "'Urban' area in catchment delineation mode"