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All Topics | Topic "Delineation Between two outlet/pour points"
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Author Message
Dr. Muhammad Shafqat Mehboob

Subject: Delineation Between two outlet/pour points   
Posted: 10/16/2018 Viewed: 7924 times
I want to delineate my catchment between two points, But WEAP automatically Delineate the whole area upstream.
Can anybody have solution for this?
Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: Delineation Between two outlet/pour points   
Posted: 1/2/2019 Viewed: 7911 times
Dear Shafqat,
You're using catchment delineation mode? I think this is not directly possible in WEAP. However, you could first let WEAP "Delineate the whole area upstream" of the downstream point. Save the catchment shapefile in another directory and then do the same for your upstream point. You can then bring the two shapefiles into GIS software and clip the first using the second.
However, if you are also planning to use the Land Use and Elevation data, this might be more easily achieved by creating the catchments from scratch in GIS.
If you can tell me more about why you want to omit the headwaters from your WEAP model, i might be able to think of some alternative work-arounds.
Kind regards,
Mr. Jack Sieber

Subject: Re: Delineation Between two outlet/pour points   
Posted: 1/2/2019 Viewed: 7910 times
In general, it is best to include all upstream area so that you can account for all runoff into your catchment. After you create the catchment that includes all upstream area, you can subdivide the catchment (hold down the Alt key when you click on the river and WEAP will use that point as the pour point for a new catchment upstream) -- one catchment will be the area between the two points, the other catchment will be the area upstream of the upper point.

Topic "Delineation Between two outlet/pour points"