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All Topics | Topic "New Version of WEAP (2018.01)"
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Mr. Jack Sieber

Subject: New Version of WEAP (2018.01)   
Posted: 5/31/2018 Viewed: 10808 times
A new version of WEAP is now available, with several new features and bug fixes. It is recommended for all users to get the update. As always, this new version is backwards compatible with data sets developed in earlier versions of WEAP.

If you have a problem with the automatic update, you can download the full installation from http://www.weap21.org/Download There is no need to uninstall your existing version first.

What's New:

5/31/2018, Version 2018.01

- Better appearance on high resolution monitors when Windows has scaled the size of text and other items larger than 100%. WEAP will now scale correctly so that text is larger and fits well within dialog boxes and windows.
- New option for reservoir water quality: SimpleMixing. NOTE: This method is only appropriate where complete mixing can be assumed, i.e., small reservoir, conservative constituent, monthly timestep. Choose SimpleMixing from the drop-down menu in the expression box for Reservoir Water Quality. SimpleMixing will calculate the concentration of water in storage in the reservoir, starting from its initial concentration (the initial condition for the first timestep of the simulation is given as the parameter to the SimpleMixing function, thereafter it is the concentration from the previous timestep), adding in any pollution loads from inflows to the reservoir. Evaporation will increase the concentration, because the water that evaporates carries no pollution. This function is only available for conservative constituents -- it cannot be used for temperature, BOD, DO or any constituent with first-order decay. For reservoirs with SimpleMixing, you can see the results for their concentration in the Results View report: Water Quality, Reservoir Storage Water Quality (Mixed). This report is only available for reservoirs that use SimpleMixing.
- MODFLOW General Head Flow: WEAP will now read results from the GHB package (General Head Boundary) and include in its groundwater mass balance. New Results: MODFLOW General Head Flow Volume, MODFLOW General Head Flow Depth. General Head has been added to the list of features you can view on the Results View Map.
- Plugins: If the user makes changes to the definition for a user-defined variable that is included in a plugin, the plugin is automatically updated to include the changes.
- Results View: Options that are shown above the chart (dropdown boxes, checkboxes) will now automatically wrap to a second line if the WEAP window is not wide enough to accommodate them all on one line.
- Fixed bug in Climate file creation of catchment delineation mode: If daily data was used and the Windows date format was not mm/dd/yyyy, WEAP wrote the incorrect date format to the climate csv file.
- Expression Elaboration: Expressions that are too long were causing problems for the Expression Elaboration report (in the Data View, next to Chart and Table), so expressions longer than 1000 characters are now truncated (in the report).
- Fixed cases where MODFLOW Recharge results were not converted to the correct unit in cases where the recharge result was very close to the value for an inactive cell (e.g., 999.99).

Jack Sieber
WEAP Developer
Stockholm Environment Institute

Subject: Re: New Version of WEAP (2018.01)   
Posted: 9/24/2020 Viewed: 6771 times
I don't know what I can do to download an earlier version of WEAP because the actual one doesn't work in mu computer.
Could you help me please?
Topic "New Version of WEAP (2018.01)"