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Author Message
Mr. Siamak Farokhzadeh

Subject: calibrate problem   
Posted: 5/22/2018 Viewed: 9359 times
Dear Sir/Madam

I want to calibrate the model. I have a diversion (canal1) on my case study River. also I use a streamflow gauge (observed data) on it for calibrating. there is a reservoir end of this diversion. there are 4 branches for the diversion in results :
I want to compare the gauge and Headflow for calibrating. My question is that when I want to calibrate, WEAP consider the 1\gauge and 1\reservoir instead of 1\gauge and 0\Headflow. Given that 1\reservoir values in all years equal to zero(!), my calibrating do not have good results. but gauge and Headflow values is very close together and they could be calibrated very well. What do I have to do for solving this problem?

Best regards

Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: calibrate problem   
Posted: 5/22/2018 Viewed: 9347 times
Dear Siamak,

What method have you used to generate headflow data for your model?

WEAP's "Streamflow Relative to Gauge" results compare the gauge observational data with WEAP's simulated streamflow at the node ABOVE the gauge. If you put the gauge below the reservoir, it will be compared to the flow coming out of the reservoir. If you put it in the headflow reach (above all river nodes), WEAP will not be able to use it for comparison, because there is no node upstream. You need to move the gauge upstream of the reservoir, and create a "dummy" node above the gauge so that WEAP has a point to compare against the gauge data. The easiest is to put a Flow Requirement node above the gauge (without any data for minimum flow requirement). This will not alter your results, but will allow WEAP to compare the gauge data to the simulated streamflow.


Topic "calibrate problem"