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Mrs. Beatriz Cecilia Martinez Contreras

Subject: simplified coefficient   
Posted: 3/3/2018 Viewed: 8341 times

I want to simulate flows of a river in Colombia, and I am using the simplified coefficient method as a test, before doing it with the soil moisture method, without a load I do not know how to compare the simulated flows with the observed, someone can help me please ,

I thank you very much,


Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: simplified coefficient   
Posted: 4/23/2018 Viewed: 8333 times
Dear Beatriz,

To compare simulated flows with the observed flows, you must do the following in your model:

1) Find the location of the gauge stations in your model - ideally have them in a GIS file.
2) Use the gauge locations to calculate the areas of the catchments that you will use your for simplified coefficient models.
3) Find the precipitation data for the catchment areas that you have defined. Each catchment will need its own precipitation data, averaged over the entire area of the catchment.
4) Build your WEAP model, and plug in your historic climate and streamflow information. (see www.WEAP21.org/tutorial chapter of Data, Results and Formatting for more detailed instructions)
5) [Provided that the climate and streamflow historic data overlap for some period of years], compare the simulated streamflow in the WEAP river with the historic data entered in your streamflow gauge in the WEAP model. You can do this by look at the results for "Selected River Reaches" and selecting just the reach with the relevant river flow volume and the stream gauge. They should have the same number as their reach number.
Topic "simplified coefficient"