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All Topics | Topic "flows from demand site to another, and flows from wastewater treatment plant"
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Author Message
Mr. Mohammed Yassin

Subject: flows from demand site to another, and flows from wastewater treatment plant   
Posted: 12/5/2017 Viewed: 9008 times
Dear WEAP Community,

In my model, I have one demand site which represents my region (given a demand priority of 1); I also introduced another demand site to represent a separate accounting for a strategic headroom for the region (given a demand priority of 2). I would like to make all supplies delivered to the demand site of "strategic headroom" in the time step available for use to the demand site "representing the region". My idea was to use a transmission link between the two demand sites, with consumption of the strategic headroom demand site set to zero. However, still only part of the supplies delivered to the "strategic headroom" demand site is passed to the "region" demand site despite the region having a demand in excess of the supplies passed (Not passing supplies to fully meet the demand of the region). Though I am not sure if this is a right way to program headrooms in WEAP, and highly appreciate if I can have some tips,

Another question; If I want to use only a portion of the effluent from a wastewater treatment plant as a supply into a demand site. How would I program this in WEAP, given also that the my wastewater treatment plant discharge effluent to other discharge points in receiving water bodies. In other words, in such situation, how would I specify routing fraction or percentages of outflow?

Much appreciated

Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: flows from demand site to another, and flows from wastewater treatment plant   
Posted: 1/2/2018 Viewed: 8721 times
Hi Mohammed,

For your first question, WEAP will not distribute water from a Priority 2 demand site to a Priority 1 demand site. It's not built to handle that. Can you tell me a little bit more about your system, and we can figure out a way to build the model?

In terms of the wastewater treatment plant, you can connect it to a demand site using a transmission link. By doing only that, you tell WEAP to direct as much water from the WWTP to the demand site as is needed to meet the demand site demands. If you have multiple supplies for that demand sites, you can plug in supply priorities in the transmission links. If you only want a certain about of water to go to the demand site from the WWTP, you can plug a maximum flow volume into the transmission link from the WWTP to the demand site. Any additional water will be transferred through the return flow link. Unfortunately, you cannot specify the percentage of the treated wastewater that will go through the transmission link - it will have to be an amount.
Topic "flows from demand site to another, and flows from wastewater treatment plant"