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All Topics | Topic "Datasets for WEAP input"
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Ms. Hamizah Rhymee

Subject: Datasets for WEAP input   
Posted: 11/5/2017 Viewed: 9815 times
What is the maximum resolution of datasets that can be entered in WEAP model? what is the format? I am planning to use WEAP-MABIA for irrigation water requirement.
Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: Datasets for WEAP input   
Posted: 11/6/2017 Viewed: 9810 times
Dear Hamizah,

Do you mean spatial or temporal resolution, or something else?
Ms. Hamizah Rhymee

Subject: Re: Datasets for WEAP input   
Posted: 11/7/2017 Viewed: 9804 times
for spatial resolution. say for example 1km resolution precipitation dataset
Thank you for the reply

Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: Datasets for WEAP input   
Posted: 11/7/2017 Viewed: 9798 times
For spatial resolution:
There is nothing in WEAP to stop you from making a model of the whole world - but of course that doesn't mean that it's a good idea. I would say, figure out what questions you're trying to answer, and determine your spatial resolution to answer those questions. Often the WEAP areas are a catchment and its demands.

For temporal resolution:
This concerns the model timesteps, eg if you're looking at daily demand values/daily precipitation data, or monthly demand values/monthly precipitation data. The longest timestep you can have is a year, and the shortest is a day.

Keep in mind that your spatial and temporal timesteps are not independent. WEAP considers that the water travels through the entire course of the model in a time step, so you wouldn't want to use a short time step to model a huge area.
Topic "Datasets for WEAP input"