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All Topics | Topic "Elevation bands"
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Dr. Andrea Momblanch Benavent

Subject: Elevation bands   
Posted: 6/26/2017 Viewed: 10761 times

I am modelling a very steep river basin and so I have decided to represent elevation bands in each sub-basin as different catchments in WEAP. My question is if I can connect one catchment to another to represent the flow of the runoff generated in the highest elevation band into the lower elevation bands. I have done some tests and it looks as if when connecting one catchment to another, the upslope runoff is not considered in the water balance of the receiving catchment. Is it like that?

Mr. Jack Sieber

Subject: Re: Elevation bands   
Posted: 9/6/2017 Viewed: 10180 times
You cannot route runoff from one catchment to another. (You can have a runoff link from one catchment to another, but this is only moves water to meet irrigation demands on the receiving catchment.)

Note: you can model the elevation bands in one catchment (each band would be a different branch under the catchment branch in the Data Tree) and specify different climate data for each. On main menu, go to General, Basic Parameters: Each branch within a catchment can have different climate data.


Dr. Andrea Momblanch Benavent

Subject: Re: Elevation bands   
Posted: 9/6/2017 Viewed: 10174 times
Thank you Jack,

I first thought about representing the elevation bands as you propose, but I chose not to do it because the snow and glacier routines consider the snow and ice packs distributed uniformly in the whole catchment not in the branch, am I right?

Topic "Elevation bands"