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All Topics | Topic "scenario climat change"
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Deleted User

Subject: scenario climat change   
Posted: 4/1/2017 Viewed: 11062 times
Dear users
I downloaded the precipitation and temperature data for 2010-2039 from IPCC Knowing that I have the observed data from 1970-2010
For the scenario 1970-2010 I have already looked for the (dry, wet year...)
for the scenario 2010-2039 can I use only the data of this series to find the (dry and wet years ..... )
I mean to work the data of the two series independaments or take the serie complete from 1970-2039 and look For the dry, wet year ... ).i want to studies the impact of the climat change to the water ressource .
Is there among you who can orient me please
thank in advance .
Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: scenario climat change   
Posted: 4/3/2017 Viewed: 11020 times
Dear Bekhta,

I'm not sure what you mean by wet and dry years for the past. If you're creating a historic WEAP model (for calibration purposes), you should use the historic climatic record.

For generating a time series the future, you seem to have alluded to two different methods:

1) Use the variations of the past to imagine possible variations for the future (perhaps this is what you meant by wet and dry years?)

2) Use the IPCC data to generate down-scaled time series for the future.

There are merits to both these approaches, and downsides as well. You will need to decide which one to use.
Topic "scenario climat change"