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All Topics | Topic "Channel Routing and Spatial distances"
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Mr. Ahmed Rafique

Subject: Channel Routing and Spatial distances   
Posted: 9/18/2016 Viewed: 13599 times

How WEAP does the Channel Routing? I mean which method is used for it.

Moreover, does spatial distance matter in WEAP? To further explain this point, If I want to optimize the reservoir operations of multiple reservoirs then the spatial distance between the 2 reservoirs matter in WEAP?
Mr. Jack Sieber

Subject: Re: Channel Routing and Spatial distances   
Posted: 9/19/2016 Viewed: 13585 times
WEAP does NOT do any channel routing -- there is no lag in streamflow. For example, return flow into a river at the top of a river basin would be available within the same timestep for withdrawal by another demand site at the bottom of the river basin. Water released by an upstream reservoir is available immediately by all downstream demands, no matter how far downstream. You should take this into account when you decide what timestep length to use. For instance, you should probably not use a daily timestep for a river system that is 1000's of kilometers long.

Spatial distance in WEAP does NOT affect calculations, with one exception: instream water quality for non-conservative water quality constituents. In this case, WEAP will use the Flow-Stage-Width relationship to derive stream velocity, which will be used to calculate travel and residence time for water in the channel for use in calculation of water quality for constituents that use built-in models for exponential decay, BOD, DO or water temperature.

Dr. Belete Kidanewold

Subject: Re: Channel Routing and Spatial distances   
Posted: 3/6/2023 Viewed: 2435 times
Yes WEAP hasn't routing but now it is possible to consider the routing with some lag time.
We develop WEAP routing Plugin with muskingum methods with three calibrate parameters (K, X and Δt), one input parameter (inflow) and two output parameter (out flow, and the sum of the coefficients). We proceed with other methods soon

Eng. Jorge Antonio Cortez Hammel

Subject: Re: Channel Routing and Spatial distances   
Posted: 5/20/2024 Viewed: 529 times
Greetings, I am also working on routing and delay with the Muskingum method. I would like to know about a more detailed document on the method applied to WEAP. The work I do is done on a daily basis and the basin is mostly flat.
Topic "Channel Routing and Spatial distances"