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All Topics | Topic "Natural spring, fountainhead"
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Author Message
Mr. Juan Carlos Villicaña Durán

Subject: Natural spring, fountainhead   
Posted: 7/10/2014 Viewed: 20644 times
How do I represent a natural spring (or fountainhead) in scheme as a supply of water?, do I use River, groundwater or another?. I need help!!

Greetings from Mexico
Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: Natural spring, fountainhead   
Posted: 7/14/2014 Viewed: 20600 times
Dear Mr. Villicana,

Since spring water flows above ground after emerging, I would use a river to represent your spring on the schematic. Since it's coming from groundwater, you can use a catchment as the headwater source of the river.

The WEAP tutorial has a section (Hydrology) all about how to model catchments. Let me know if you have any further questions,

Mr. Markus Huber

Subject: Re: Natural spring, fountainhead   
Posted: 7/23/2014 Viewed: 20573 times
Sorry to correct,

as a spring is coming from groundwater, you should not connect the river's source to a catchment, but to a groundwater node.

Mr. Juan Carlos Villicaña Durán

Subject: Re: Natural spring, fountainhead   
Posted: 8/27/2014 Viewed: 20056 times
Thanks a lot Stephanie Galaitsi and Markus Huber, then, if I want to represent a town which has as source of water a natural spring, Do I connect the town (demand site) to the groundwater located in the same area as the natural spring?

Greetings from Mexico

Mr. Markus Huber

Subject: Re: Natural spring, fountainhead   
Posted: 8/28/2014 Viewed: 20049 times
I wouldn't connect the groundwater directly to the town. If you do so, the outflow from the spring depends on the water demand of the town, meaning that if the demand becomes zero at a certain scenario, the spring will be "dry".
Instead, I would rather do as Stephanie proposed: use a river with the spring discharge as headflow and connect the town by a transmission link from the river.
Alternatively, you could use a demand site representing the spring, and connect the town by its return flow.

Mr. Markus Huber

Subject: Re: Natural spring, fountainhead   
Posted: 8/28/2014 Viewed: 20045 times
...I need to correct myself...: headflow is the wrong variable as it doesn't respect the source of the water. It's better to use "inflow from groundwater" for the upstreammost reach and specify the groundwater node as the source.
Topic "Natural spring, fountainhead"