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Mr. Jack Sieber

Subject: The WEAP User Forum now has 10,000 members   
Posted: 12/12/2012 Viewed: 26123 times
Less than an hour ago the WEAP Forum welcomed its 10,000th member. Although the Forum was created almost 10 years ago, its membership has grown dramatically in the past few years, with over 2700 joining in just the last 12 months. It is now a thriving community of researchers, government officials, professionals, students and activists, all united by a shared goal of finding reasonable solutions to our most difficult problems.

I want to thank everyone here for their interest -- specifically in WEAP, and more generally in integrated water resources management and sustainable development. We face many challenges in the world today, but I have hope that we can overcome these problems through groups like this of committed individuals and organizations.

I also want to thank all the volunteers who have been translating the WEAP website -- it is now available in 21 languages -- and who have just this month begun translating the WEAP software itself. Thanks to you, WEAP and its principles of integrated water resources management are now more accessible to people around the world, particularly in areas where they are needed the most.

For some statistics on Forum membership, see:

Jack Sieber
WEAP Developer
Stockholm Environment Institute
Topic "The WEAP User Forum now has 10,000 members"