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All Topics | Topic "Pumped storage reservoir system simulation"
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Author Message
Eng. Ioannis Tsoukalas

Subject: Pumped storage reservoir system simulation   
Posted: 2/23/2012 Viewed: 29034 times
is ti possible to simulate pumped storage reservoir system with weap21?

if i connect a transmision link with a reservoir this flow will go through the turbine?

Mr. Jack Sieber

Subject: Re: Pumped storage reservoir system simulation   
Posted: 2/24/2012 Viewed: 29013 times
Pumped-storage hydropower ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pumped-storage_hydroelectricity ) is typically used to balance electricity loads over short durations (hours or days). Because this is shorter than the usual WEAP timestep, it won't have much effect on the WEAP simulation. However, you could probably simulate it using a demand site to draw water from the reservoir and return it to the pumped storage reservoir (off the river). Another diversion could draw water from the pumped storage reservoir back to the main river when necessary. You could use a flow requirement on the diversion and the "Maximum Diversion" variables to regulate this outflow.

Water drawn from river reservoirs directly via transmission links does not pass through the turbines nor generate electricity. If you want to generate hydropower, attach the transmission link to the river immediately below the reservoir. However, the opposite is true for "local" reservoirs (not on a river)--flows through transmission links from a local reservoir DO pass through hydropower turbines and do generate hydropower.


Eng. Ioannis Tsoukalas

Subject: Re: Pumped storage reservoir system simulation   
Posted: 2/24/2012 Viewed: 29006 times
Firstly i want to thank you for your quick answer.
I dont exactly understand why do you use diversion for return water in to the river.
I have have done something similar like that you are describing above.I have 2 in river reservoirs. Lets assume that A is the upstream reservoir and B is the downstream. I have made a dummy demand site which draws water from B and return's it to A.Then i placed a flow requirement above dam A and dam B.Do you believe that this model is right?

simple sketch

| |

A:upstream hydroelectric Reservoir
B:downstream hydroelectric Reservoir
x:Flow requirement
C:irrigation Reservoir
D:dummy demand site
D2:Demand site
<:flow direction

Thanks again
Topic "Pumped storage reservoir system simulation"