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Miss Wenyan Li

Subject: asking for help   
Posted: 9/18/2011 Viewed: 26332 times
Hi ,there!

In my study, the WEAP model was applied for water resources utilization including river (reservior) supply and groundwater abstraction. Data for groundwater "Initial Storage" was valued as the available water amount which was calculated based on the observed groundwater balance (sinks and sources).WEAP resulted in a continuous increasing Storage but some of the irrigated regions were still unmet for their Demand Sites Coverage.The problems were:

1) Since the groundwater was upgoing monthly and the month storage was more than the Initial Storage, why the groundwater could not be "pumped" from the underground for the Agricultural use?

2) In my study area, the over abstraction was very common in those well-pumping irrigated regions. I wanted to simulate the undergrond water system deficit by WEAP, could any friend help to inform how to design for this objective under the framework of WEAP?

3) Actually, water supply in the study region was controlled partially by both the Reservior Operation and groundwater abstraction, how can I make an opproximate propotion for the two water supply system to match the real consumption in the water demand sites? Does WEAP support this implementation?

Thanks a lot for all the help from the WEAP community!

Best Regards,

Topic "asking for help"