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Author Message
Mr. Jack Sieber

Subject: New Version Of WEAP   
Posted: 6/4/2011 Viewed: 27421 times
There is a new version of WEAP which fixes a bug inadvertantly introduced in version 3.1 (which was released 24 May 2011). If you upgraded to 3.1, you are strongly advised to get this new version (3.11).

After installing this new version, you may need to force WEAP to recalculate any scenarios which were calculated in version 3.1 (and might have incorrect results). To force WEAP to recalcualte, hold down the control key when you click the Results View button.

6/4/11, Version 3.11
- Fixed bug in Remainder: Version 3.1 had a bug in the calculation of Remainder that could cause incorrect results in some cases.
- SaveVersion API: WEAP.SaveVersion API method has a new, optional parameter to include result in the version. SaveVersion(Comment, IncludeResults): Create a new version of the active area with the given comment. If optional IncludeResults is TRUE, include the results in the version.
- DeleteResults API: WEAP.DeleteResults: Delete all results files for the active area. This might speed up calculations, if the results file contain previously calculated results from many scenarios, but you only want to look at results for one or a few scenarios.

You should be able to easily update your existing version of WEAP to this new version. When WEAP starts, it should find this update and offer to download and install it automatically. If not, go to the menu in WEAP: Help, Check on Internet for New Version. You can also download the full installation from http://www.weap21.org/Download

Jack Sieber
WEAP Developer
Stockholm Environment Institute, U.S. Center

Topic "New Version Of WEAP"