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All Topics | Topic "Diversion flow requirement"
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Mr. Janak Timilsena

Subject: Diversion flow requirement   
Posted: 9/24/2009 Viewed: 33733 times

I have a diversion from the river. I fixed the river head flow in terms of mgd. The time step is in monthly. I wanted to withdraw water in terms mgd based on the river flow. The constraints in the river for the diversion is also in mgd. In order to set the constraint I selected maximum diversion under the diversion link. Then I used the if expression. I tried to put the if expression on the river link just upstream of the diversion node less than say X. When I tried to put the branch (reach located at u/s of diversion node) inside the if expressions, the another small window pops up with the options of surface water inflow(mgd), Ground water inflow(million gallon)......... and at second last there was streamflow(m3)(calculated result from the previous time step). I think I have to use this options to set the constraints. But it is in m3 unit. Do I need to convert the constraints that I have i.e. in mgd to m3 for a month? Suggestions will be highly appreaciated.
Mr. Jack Sieber

Subject: Re: Diversion flow requirement   
Posted: 10/1/2009 Viewed: 33723 times
When referring to a data or result value in an expression, WEAP can convert the units for you. All you need to do is replace the unit WEAP displays with the desired unit.

For example, in the expression

PrevTSValue(Supply and Resources\River\Weaping River\Reaches\Below North Reservoir:Streamflow[m^3])

just change "m^3" to "MGD" and WEAP will do the conversion:

PrevTSValue(Supply and Resources\River\Weaping River\Reaches\Below North Reservoir:Streamflow[MGD])

Topic "Diversion flow requirement"