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All Topics | Topic "Current day hydrology and water supply"
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Author Message

Subject: Current day hydrology and water supply   
Posted: 8/24/2009 Viewed: 37980 times
Dear all.

I'm Alexis and doing a final dissertation for my master program in Integrated Water Resources Management. My topic is related to water resources management in the Ruvubu basin-Burundi. I’m focusing on the current and future water demand in order to set the best water allocation option in the basin. So, I would like to set the reference scenario using Current day hydrology. How can I calculate the water supply for future scenarios referring to that reference scenario? For example, the high agriculture scenario was defined referring to the potential irrigation area which is 1720 ha. The current irrigation area is 500 ha. I expect that in 2025 from current year, all the potential area will be occupied by rice crop and the annual water use rate is estimated at 4480m3/year.The water for irrigation is abstracting from the Ruvubu river.

Can I compute the expected water demand for 2025, then abstract it from the present river flow(gage station flows) and compare it with the current day hydrology which i think is the deference between currently water availability in the river and current water use( for last Account year which is 2007 in my case).
Any suggestion and idea about that is almost welcome

Thank you in advance

Miss Malavika Mysore

Subject: Re: Current day hydrology and water supply   
Posted: 8/31/2009 Viewed: 37973 times
Hi Alexis,

I just completed a project which essentially targets the exact problem in river transfer projects in India.
This link should get you directly to the report: http://dukespace.lib.duke.edu/dspace/handle/10161/1374

I hope this helps! :) And, good luck.
Dr. Mehdi Mirzaee

Subject: Re: Current day hydrology and water supply   
Posted: 9/1/2009 Viewed: 37965 times
I hope that get your question exactly.
You can define any changing for irrigation area growth by functions which is predicted in WEAP.
It means that you can change them base on current's scenario. you need just open expression builder instead of entering a number.
Topic "Current day hydrology and water supply"