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All Topics | Topic "if function error"
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Author Message
Ms. Jana Balzer

Subject: if function error   
Posted: 6/11/2020 Viewed: 1465 times
Dear all,

I am currently facing problems with the application of the 'if-function' as provided in the Expressions Builder.
For instance, I want to define that the annual water use rate of an irrigation node is 5000 m^3/ha up until the year 2033, when the application of measures reduces demand to 4000 m^3/ha.
For this purpose, I type in:

If(year <= 2033, 5000, 4000)

Yet, however, this leads to the error 'incorrect number of parameters to function if. Expected 3, but had 1.'

I assume that sometimes is wrong with the Else Function, yet cannot spot out why.

Thank you for your suggestions!

Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: if function error   
Posted: 6/11/2020 Viewed: 1425 times
Dear Jana,
This is often a problem of delimeters. Whether to use commas (",") or decimals (".") depends on a setting on your computer. Have you tried replacing the commas with decimals?

Best regards,
Topic "if function error"