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All Topics | Topic "Where do i import my data and how can i draw schematic figure in my area?"
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Subject: Where do i import my data and how can i draw schematic figure in my area?   
Posted: 4/16/2020 Viewed: 1647 times
Hi! I am new completely new to this. I am working on the topic Performance Analysis of sewage treatment plant and plotted some graphs between influents and effluents using Matlab. I have influent and effluent values of the parameters like BOD, COD, DO, TSS, Alkalinity for a period of one year. How can I use Weap and can relate to my work? I have followed some tutorials and tried working on it. What data do I need and is my data sufficient(Influent and Effluent data)? If the data is sufficient, where do I import my data and apply the concept in my area region and obtain results? Can I get some references working on WEAP for STPs?

Thanks In advance!


Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: Where do i import my data and how can i draw schematic figure in my area?   
Posted: 5/20/2020 Viewed: 1469 times
Dear Veerannapet,
Have you looked at the Water Quality chapter of the WEAP tutorial (available at www.weap21.org/tutorial)? This should help you get started. You will see there is an option to add a Wastewater Treatment Plant to your schematic and model water quality.

The chapter "WEAP in One Hour" will guide you on how to set up your model area. Not included in the Tutorial is an updated option for automatic catchment delineation. This feature is described in videos at www.weap21.org/videos.

We also have a long list of publications that have used WEAP. You might look through these to see if you find anything of relevance (www.weap21.org/pubs).

Best regards,

Topic "Where do i import my data and how can i draw schematic figure in my area?"