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All Topics | Topic "Dear All, I need your help in drawing and understand the schematic in WEAP"
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Mr. Mido Wakeel

Subject: Dear All, I need your help in drawing and understand the schematic in WEAP   
Posted: 1/9/2020 Viewed: 1695 times
Dear All,

I am working on Egypt Area. Egypt has the Nasser Lake reservoir in the south as the beginning point on the river and it depends on the reservoir to meet the demands along the river inside the country. I draw the river from the south to the north, my questions are:

1- where can I put the Nasser lake reservoir on the river or off the river?
2- what are the headflow data in this case?
3- I have the inflow and outflow data for the Nasser lake reservoir, where can I enter it, specifically?
4- what does it mean by the maximum hydraulic outflow? is it a constant value or time series for many years?

Thank you so much for any help
Dr. Hossein Babazadeh

Subject: Re: Dear All, I need your help in drawing and understand the schematic in WEAP   
Posted: 1/11/2020 Viewed: 1682 times
Hi Mido,

First of all, I strongly recommend studying the WEAP user manual. Then about your questions:

1- If Nasser is an on-stream reservoir, put the reservoir on it, otherwise, you can use the off-stream option in the WEAP.
2- The headflow data is observed or estimated data that you have from upstream-gage or you estimated from rain-fall runoff or other methods.
3- You can use observed inflow as river headflow and observed outflow for system calibration.
4-It is the option that is used for outflow restriction that depends on reservoir hydromechanical outflow.

I hope these short answers is useful for your project.


Mr. Mido Wakeel

Subject: Re: Dear All, I need your help in drawing and understand the schematic in WEAP   
Posted: 1/14/2020 Viewed: 1667 times
Hi Dr. Hossein,

Thank you so much for your reply. Kindly, let me show the problem. Nasser Lake is an artificial lake to store the water, it is on the stream but it has a dam to control in the flow to the river in the fixed amount about 55.5 BCM/year only (the headflow is the outflow across the dam and is fixed amount 55.5 BCM yearly). So, what I did is putting the Nasser lake reservoir in the south and link it with the river by transmission link and determine the Maximum flow Volume by 55.5BCM/year. Also, I entered the inflow data to the Nasser lake reservoir. Everything is okay with the demand sites and the unmet demand. The problem is in the storage volume in the results does not fit the observed volume because the storage capacity of Nasser Lake reservoir 162 BCM at 182m and there is a spillway to flow out the increased water after 178m from Nasser lake reservoir to the spillway. so, how can I flow out the water after 178m from the Nasser lake reservoir to the spillway? should I try the diversion between them? If yes, what is the expression will be?

Thank you and sorry for bothering
Best regards
Topic "Dear All, I need your help in drawing and understand the schematic in WEAP"