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All Topics | Topic "Recalculating Climate Data under Catchment Delineation"
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Dr. Sukhmani Mantel

Subject: Recalculating Climate Data under Catchment Delineation   
Posted: 8/26/2019 Viewed: 2207 times
Hello, How do I make WEAP recalculate the Climate Data? I had originally chosen Monthly time step and noted that ETref for Rainfall Runoff (Soil Moisture Method) requires Tmin and Tmax. Since I don't have that data, I thought if I recalculate the Climate using Daily Climate infor and output the Tmin and Tmax into the CSV file, I could then read those in and they would then be available for ETref. However, I cannot figure out how to make WEAP redo the Climate Data calculations. I have changed the option under Climate Data from Monthly to Daily but the system does not recalculate. There is probably a very simple thing I am missing, but I have checked the videos and tutorial and help files and cannot find a solution. Would appreciate any help. Thanks!
Topic "Recalculating Climate Data under Catchment Delineation"