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All Topics | Topic "simulation of observed flow with flow in result view not matching"
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Author Message
Mr. mukesh chauhan

Subject: simulation of observed flow with flow in result view not matching   
Posted: 2/4/2017 Viewed: 7622 times
i have modelled river head flow , observed flow in reservoir. the observed flow and flow at reservoir are highly mismatching. Mathematically also the river head flow is less than the observed flows in reservoir.
How it is possible that the reservoir is having considerable storage but the a demand of power house still remaining unmet.
Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: simulation of observed flow with flow in result view not matching   
Posted: 2/6/2017 Viewed: 7580 times
Dear Mukesh,

I will try to answer all of these questions.

1) If the observed flow and flow at the reservoir are highly mismatching, it would be a good idea to first go back to whatever method you are using to generate flow and try to make them match better. It is always important for your model to demonstrate that the observed flow matched the modeled flow. However, I have a question for you - are you comparing observed and modeled flow in the same place? Because if your stream gauge is upstream (as it sound like), then it should have less flow than the modeled flow downstream.

2) The reservoir will hold all the water it can as long as there are no demands downstream. In your system, are there demands downstream that obligate the reservoir to release water? Are these demands included in your model? If they are not, the modeled reservoir will hold water when the true reservoir would have released it.

3) It is possible to have the reservoir full but to have unmet power demand. Some possible reasons:
a) The actual system has power demand that is greater than the reservoir alone can provide
b) The hydropower production is not modeled correctly
c) The Hydropower Priority for the reservoir is 0, which means that no releases are made to satisfy the energy demand.

Without knowing more, I cannot say for certain why the demand is unmet.

Mr. mukesh chauhan

Subject: Re: simulation of observed flow with flow in result view not matching   
Posted: 2/10/2017 Viewed: 7563 times
thanks stephenaie,
I am trying your valuable suggestions. one more issue which I am raising as new topic.
Mukesh Chauhan
Topic "simulation of observed flow with flow in result view not matching"