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All Topics | Topic "Calibration and Validation of WEAP"
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Author Message
Bogere Robert

Subject: Calibration and Validation of WEAP   
Posted: 1/2/2017 Viewed: 517 times
Dear Members.
Member am planning to use WEAP for a certain project but when I read through am failing to get the calibration and validation procedures. Is there any one who can help me on that??.Or any who who had ever calibrated it?.
Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: Calibration and Validation of WEAP   
Posted: 1/3/2017 Viewed: 490 times
Dear Bogere,

Can you say a little bit more about the structure of the model? Have you entered flow into the river, or are you using catchments to model flow? Are you calibrating to observed gauge data for the river, or some other observed data? How many years of observed data do you have? How many stations?
Bogere Robert

Subject: Re: Calibration and Validation of WEAP   
Posted: 1/7/2017 Viewed: 415 times
Thanks Stephanie for the quick response.
As I told you this my first time to use this model but my intention is use to it to allocate water resources in my study area. So my question is Do i Have to calibrate the model first and if so what are the procedures for calibrating it.
Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: Calibration and Validation of WEAP   
Posted: 1/9/2017 Viewed: 406 times
Hi Bogere,

Before you can calibrate the model, you will need to enter all the demands and supplies. In the sense, calibrating the historic model is really the last step in building the historic model. You can build the scenarios before or after the calibration process (since they are looking into the future), as long as they inherit the calibrated data.
Jared Okungu

Subject: Re: Calibration and Validation of WEAP   
Posted: 1/13/2017 Viewed: 389 times
This is a good discussion. Kindly assist with the callibration procedure
Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: Calibration and Validation of WEAP   
Posted: 1/13/2017 Viewed: 384 times
The calibration procedure depends on the structure of your model. Are you using the water year method, or catchments? Please ask specific questions and I will be happy to assist you.
Topic "Calibration and Validation of WEAP"