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Mr. Francisco Terneus

Subject: Archivo en formato ".shp"   
Posted: 3/22/2021 Viewed: 541 times
Buenos días, tengo un problema con los archivos en el formato ".shp". Al momento de abrir el archivo por medio de la opción "capa vector" no me aparece en el mapa, ¿Cuál puede ser el problema?.
Mr. Ignacio Aguirre

Subject: Re: Archivo en formato ".shp"   
Posted: 4/3/2021 Viewed: 455 times

First, you could check the datum of your model. The default models come in WGS84(EPSG 4326) although if you remove all the layers that come at the beginning you can change it to a projected format like WGS84-UTM19S,18S, 17S, or others.

Secondly, it is also important that you check if you have the other *shp files associated like dbf, prj. You can check at https://desktop.arcgis.com/es/arcmap/10.3/manage-data/shapefiles/what-is-a-shapefile.htm

Miss Ada Liz Arancibia

Subject: Re: Archivo en formato ".shp"   
Posted: 5/3/2021 Viewed: 300 times

I have the same problem, I try to putting all the files in the same place, but it doesnt work. I checked for the datum, in WGS8413S. Aftfer load the shp file it doesn´t appear in the area.
What other configuration I have to check?
Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: Archivo en formato ".shp"   
Posted: 5/3/2021 Viewed: 294 times
Dear Ada,
As mentioned here, make sure you Remove all layers in WEAP before adding your layer. (Right-click on each layer that's already in your model and choose Remove...) This will eliminate the possibility that your layer is in a different projection than that which is already displayed in the model.

If that doesn't solve the problem please see the following thread:

If you are still having trouble, please post again with more details of what you've tried.


Topic "Archivo en formato ".shp""