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All Topics | Topic "[MABIA] Model double cropping with varying shares of total land and other landtypes for recharge"
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Mr. Michael Mutz

Subject: [MABIA] Model double cropping with varying shares of total land and other landtypes for recharge   
Posted: 10/16/2017 Viewed: 5014 times
Hello everyone!

I want to use the MABIA method to model agriculture and recharge in a catchment in India and have two questions with regards to this:

I assume that all agricultural land is double cropped, one season from May - late September (Kharif) and one from early October to late April (Rabi).

For both seasons, we have a crop distribution that we multiply with the total area. Of course this distribution is not identical, so I can't model double cropping by entering two crops for one branch in the "Crops" section.
The other way would be to use a step function that sets the land shares of a season to a total of 100 in the respective months and to zero in the other months, however, the step function for "Area" is only available on a year-level.

What other method is there to model this and avoid double counting of the land? (if there are no crops currently growing, the land still takes up part of the precipitation)

B) How can I treat other areas in the catchment for modeling recharge?
The streets in the villages are mostly unsealed, other land use classes include Current Fallow, Shrub/Degraded Forest and Wasteland. I estimated the area occupied by houses by multiplying the estimated number of houses with a mean rooftop area and would like to simulate rainwater harvesting later on.
What methods are there to estimate recharge in these non-agricultural areas?

Thanks alot!


Topic "[MABIA] Model double cropping with varying shares of total land and other landtypes for recharge"